BOLIVIA/PERÚ: Support a Sister to continue caring for the poor and neglected

Sister visit the sick to care, pray for them and offer them the Sacraments

Thanks to benefactors like you, ACN is able to help thousands of Sisters as they assist the faithful and carry out remarkable works of mercy in so many poor Christian communities. Particularly in areas with a great shortage of Priests, Religious Sisters literally take care of all in the name of God: children and adults, […]

IRAQ: Give a poor youth hope for a better future

Students of the Catholic University of Erbil, Iraq

ACN currently sponsors at least 150 Christian students on the Pope Francis Scholarship Programme at the Catholic University in Erbil, northern Iraq. Open to Christians, Yazidis and others, the university is set to increase its student numbers to over 1,000. The students, many of whom belong to displaced communities driven out of their homes by […]

NIGERIA: Help provide food, education and hygiene essentials for displaced people

Nigerian children orphaned and displaced by Boko Haram terror attacks

Over two (2) million Christians have fled violence and persecution and are living in miserable camps in Nigeria. Extremist violence, the numerous murders of Christians and the mass displacement of entire traumatised populations fleeing Islamist attacks, have caused our Christian brothers and sisters untold suffering and a cruel sense of hopelessness. They flock to the […]

SYRIA: Help provide daily meals for the elderly

An elderly woman who receives daily meals from the charitable kitchen

Many of Aleppo’s elderly people are most affected by the consequences of the conflict in Syria. With young people escaping military service and families leaving Syria to build a new life elsewhere, many elderly people are alone. Those who are sick and cannot leave their homes are housebound, since institutions such as nursing homes barely […]

West bank and Jerusalem: Help provide livelihood aid for Christian families

After the war began, the faithful are praying for peace at a Holy Mass in the Holy Family Church

On the other hand, of the 37,000 Christians who live in the West Bank, the majority work in the religious tourism sector. This has been completely paralysed due to the war. Five thousand (5,000) persons have lost their jobs. With your help, 250 very poor families will be able to survive. They need help with […]

GAZA: Help provide emergency aid for displaced Christian families

Sr. Nabila and the pastoral team at Holy Family Church in Gaza are caring for displaced people including over 100 traumatised children

Sister Nabila of the Holy Rosary Sisters congregation in Gaza, welcomes, along with six other nuns and a Catholic priest, 700 Christian refugees in her Holy Family Parish. “We need medicines. Many hospitals are destroyed. Our school has also been damaged. People have nothing, not even the basics; where are we going to go? To […]