Nigerian children orphaned and displaced by Boko Haram terror attacks

NIGERIA: Help provide food, education and hygiene essentials for displaced people

Over two (2) million Christians have fled violence and persecution and are living in miserable camps in Nigeria. Extremist violence, the numerous murders of Christians and the mass displacement of entire traumatised populations fleeing Islamist attacks, have caused our Christian brothers and sisters untold suffering and a cruel sense of hopelessness. They flock to the Church in search of support and comfort. With ACN’s help, the local Church cares for them, providing material and pastoral help. ACN is currently supporting a project to help the diocese of Maiduguri pay school fees for 700 internally displaced children. Another project seeks to provide 2,500 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the camps of Benue State with blankets and sleeping mats to improve their living condition. The target beneficiaries include Christian pregnant and nursing mothers, IDPs with disabilities, children and the elderly. With €10, you can provide one IDP with a sleeping mat or blanket. With €20, you will support a displaced child to attend school for a year.


Helping other Christian in their greatest moments of need is one of the best ways how one can share true Christmas joy and respite.


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